Farm to fork: 
it’s how we roll.

At Park Street, there's no doubt in our minds that the best food starts with the best ingredients, and that means fresh from the farm and locally grown whenever possible. Not only are we absolutely passionate about the quality of our food and our relationships with the people who grow it, we're also proud to be able to help strengthen our local economy with every pizza we make.

When the best ingredients are local, everybody wins.

When we call Bert & Mary at Sweetwater Farm to order peppers and onions, they send someone out to the fields to pick them fresh and the bushel shows up at our door within hours. Jim Boltz's homegrown basil and specialty lettuces are so beautiful they make our hearts beat faster and our salads the best you'll ever eat. We're proud to be able to call our suppliers our friends, and we're thrilled that so many of the very best ingredients we've ever eaten are grown just down the road. 

You are what you eat
 (so it oughta be good).

Ever eaten an heirloom tomato? They're plumper, sweeter and about a billion times more flavorful than modern varieties. Seen blue eggs? Seriously, some eggs are really blue...and green. We love, love, LOVE the fact that some of the best tasting and "realest" foods we've ever eaten come from our own metaphorical back yard. Heritage-breed lettuces, fresh cheddar and mozzarella, Jim's basil (seriously, we can never say enough about Jim's basil). Locally raised chicken and nitrate-free ham. Simply put, fresh and local ingredients rock.

To every menu there is a season...

One of our favorite things about living in Sugarcreek, Ohio is being able to spotlight our local resources, sharing them in ways our friends haven't experienced before. We make a point to come up with really unique items for our menu that aren't just good, but are also good for you. Things like a Kale & Quinoa Salad that's really delicious. Or a special summer pizza with vegetables so fresh no one misses the meat. We love coming up with new offerings that celebrate the seasons and keep our menu from ever being boring, and our customers say they love it too.