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Enjoy your slice of life.

That's our pie•losophy. What’s yours?


Enjoy your slice of life.

That's our pie•losophy. What’s yours?

Farm to fork: 
it’s how we roll.

At Park Street, there's no doubt in our minds that the best food starts with the best ingredients, and that means fresh from the farm and locally grown whenever possible. Not only are we absolutely passionate about the quality of our food and our relationships with the people who grow it, we're also proud to be able to help strengthen our local economy with every pizza we make.

When the best ingredients are local, everybody wins.

When we call Bert & Mary at Sweetwater Farm to order peppers and onions, they send someone out to the fields to pick them fresh and the bushel shows up at our door within hours. Jim Boltz's homegrown basil and specialty lettuces are so beautiful they make our hearts beat faster and our salads the best you'll ever eat. We're proud to be able to call our suppliers our friends, and we're thrilled that so many of the very best ingredients we've ever eaten are grown just down the road. 

You are what you eat
 (so it oughta be good).

Ever eaten an heirloom tomato? They're plumper, sweeter and about a billion times more flavorful than modern varieties. Seen blue eggs? Seriously, some eggs are really blue...and green. We love, love, LOVE the fact that some of the best tasting and "realest" foods we've ever eaten come from our own metaphorical back yard. Heritage-breed lettuces, fresh cheddar and mozzarella, Jim's basil (seriously, we can never say enough about Jim's basil). Locally raised chicken and nitrate-free ham. Simply put, fresh and local ingredients rock.

To every menu there is a season...

One of our favorite things about living in Sugarcreek, Ohio is being able to spotlight our local resources, sharing them in ways our friends haven't experienced before. We make a point to come up with really unique items for our menu that aren't just good, but are also good for you. Things like a Kale & Quinoa Salad that's really delicious. Or a special summer pizza with vegetables so fresh no one misses the meat. We love coming up with new offerings that celebrate the seasons and keep our menu from ever being boring, and our customers say they love it too.

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Community is Everything

Bringing People Together is Incredibly Rewarding.

Community is Everything

Bringing People Together is Incredibly Rewarding.

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Customers are neighbors are friends are family

At Park Street, community is at the heart of everything we do. Our customers are our friends and neighbors, and our space is the place they come to hang out with their families to relax, celebrate, have fun, and eat well. Our continual commitment is to give back to the community every bit as much as it gives to us. So we go out of our way to make sure that once you're here, you'll be served the kind of food that makes you feel healthy and happy—not greasy and guilty—after you eat it. We firmly believe that if the food is good (and good for you), and you feel at home while you're here, you'll come back for more.  Which is great, because we can't wait to see you again.



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Giving back is a great part of the job

When we're not in the kitchen, you'll find us out and about our hometown of Sugarcreek, taking part of all the cool stuff going on—like supporting library fundraisers, putting together  pizza teams to participate in local 5K races for charity, creating a festival for our local arts council, delivering food to homeless shelters and food banks, and campaigning for the United Way. We absolutely believe in "pizza with a purpose" and making every bite count—really count—is what we're all about. The way we see it, it's not enough to just serve great pizza; we want to serve the people who helped us get here, and share our wonderful slice of life with them every day.


Thinking beyond our backyard

We're close to our friends and neighbors, and loyal to the farmers and growers who call our region home. But we're also citizens of the wider world, with a global responsibility to care for the earth as well as our immediate environment. Wasters make us crazy, so we recycle everything we can, make sure our boxes and other packaging are biodegradable and compostable. We know it's the little things that add up, and that making a difference—one napkin, carton, and cup at a time—is the best way to keep our footprint small, even as we continue to grow.

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Is it work if it’s fun?

Is it work if it’s fun?

Rocky & Courtney 

Our slice of life

We grew up here, in the rural farming community of Sugarcreek, Ohio, and we're proud to be raising our own family here, too. We're pretty passionate about everything in our lives: our jobs, our kids, our friends, and our community. For us, work never feels like work, and that's just the way we like it.

Park Street Crew

Sharing is the key to happiness

We couldn't do what we do without our crew. When you work at Park Street, you're pretty much family; we work AND play hard, together. Interested in joining our team? Fill out this brief application and we'll get back to you right away.

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The people behind the pizza.

Nothing is more important to us than using the absolute best, freshest ingredients available, and we count ourselves lucky that many of them are grown locally by people we're proud to call not just our neighbors, but our friends. Our relationships with our producers run deep; without them Park Street Pizza as we know it simply wouldn't exist. So we'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the people behind the pizza. If you're lucky enough to be in the neighborhood and you happen to see them, thank them for thoughtfully tending the earth, growing awesome food, and helping us make good pizza great.

Sweetwater Farm

Owners, Bert and Mary Hostetler

Pizza without tomatoes? Inconceivable! Same goes for peppers, onions, and fresh herbs. Thank heavens, family-run Sweetwater Farm is only a mile from our restaurant. Every winter we sit down at Mary's kitchen table to discuss what seeds she'll be ordering, planting, and harvesting for us in the upcoming year. We source lots of varieties of tomatoes( grapes, heirlooms, Romas); lettuces for our salads including "Grandma's," a heritage breed that Mary grows from her own seeds; a whole lot of seasonal produce including eggplant, cucumbers, rainbow carrots, broccolli, peppers, onions, squash, garlic and herbs; flowers for our tables; and blue and brown eggs from the farm's happy, free-range chickens. One of our favorite things about Sweetwater is that all of their plants are grown from Non-GMO seeds and raised using old-school organic practices and natural farming techniques instead of harsh chemicals. Sweetwater may not be certified organic, but Bert and Mary take great pride in the way they raise their crops.

Click here to visit Sweetwater Farm's Facebook page.

Boltz Family Greenhouse

Owners, Jim Boltz & Family

You'd never guess that tucked inside a small family-owned greenhouse in Stonecreek, Ohio is some of the best hydroponically grown produce you'll every lay your tastebuds on. Grown entirely in water from non-GMO seeds, the specialty lettuces from Boltz Greenhouse are amazing, and  their basil is simply beyond words. Lush, green, and incredibly fragrant the basil from Boltz's is what puts the kick in our housemade tomato and pesto sauces. It's so good, we even use it to garnish our pies.

Best of all, Jim delivers his lettuce and basil right to our door several times a week, so it's always as fresh as fresh can be. The Boltz family has been growing their produce hydroponically for nearly two decades, and we hope they keep it up for decades to come.

Sweet Meadows Farm

Owners: The Kimpel Family

Fifty-five years ago, Charles and Mary Kimpel drove away from their rented property in Glenford, Ohio and started living their dream on their own 88 acres of beautiful, rolling pasture just outside Roseville, Ohio. There they raised three sons, as well as cattle, sheep, hogs, and chickens. 

When their son Tim graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Animal Science, he and his wife Martha purchased nearly 100 acres next door to his parents' farm, where he put his interest in energy conservation and alternative forms of agriculture to work. He built a passive solar home and started a grass-based dairy farm operation, which his sister Katie managed until she completed college.

Tim raises all of his crops and livestock without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or antibiotics of any kind—a practice that's kinder to both the animals and the land.  In 2009 the farm was the first in Muskingum County to be certified organic.

In order to market the humanely-raised meat and eggs from Tim's farm, Katie and her husband Shawn started their own small company and began selling the farms products 's the Zanesville Farmers Market, including the Sweet Italian Sausage we feature on our pizzas. Today, Sweet Meadows has grown into a full-service natural/organic grocery in Zanesville and a source of pride for the whole family.

One of the goals of the Kimpel family was to not only grow their business, but also help others in the community who shared their vision.  Sweet Meadows is proud to say that they have supported over 25 local farms in their community.

Shepherds Market

Owners: Joseph and Marion Yoder

Stewards of sustainable agriculture, Joseph and Marion Yoder of The Shepherd's Market in Big Prairie, OH grow all of their produce without pesticides; raise humanely treated, pasture-grazed chicken, lamb and beef; along with carrying an assortment of local cheeses, produce, baked goods, and other natural products and ingredients.

But we love them most for their honey.

Unlike most commercial beekeepers, the Yoder's don't feed their bees antibiotics or use chemicals in their hives. They collect clean, pure honey from their 70+ colonies and bottles it raw--no heating or forcing it through a super-fine filter. The flavor is exceptional, and we use it in a number of our salad dressings. And since Joseph delivers it to us every week (along with some fresh cheddar cheese), it's always fantastically fresh.

Hillcrest Orchard

Owner: Merle J. Hershberger

Right down the road in Walnut Creek, family-run Hillcrest Orchard grows fruit and produce on 50 lush acres. Known for their fresh sweet cider, pumpkins, berries, and squash, they're our go-to guys for the apples we use in our salads. And their butternut squash makes special guest appearances each fall and winter in a number of our seasonal specialties. 

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Where You’ll Find Us

For us, there really is no place like home. We hope you'll come visit us soon!

Where You’ll Find Us

For us, there really is no place like home. We hope you'll come visit us soon!


Sugarcreek, Ohio

215 R Dover Rd. NW
Sugarcreek, OH 44681

(330) 852-2993


Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday – Thursday: 3pm to 9pm
Friday: 11am to 10pm
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Sunday: 11am to 9pm

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